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Apply to work with Tiffany inside Health is Hot Club! Only apply if you're ready to change your life and you're excited to dive deeper into the journey to heal yourself

Where are you honestly at RIGHT NOW with taking the next step in your healing journey?
If accepted into Health is Hot Club, are you able to give 100% to the program by showing up to the live calls, asking questions in the group, watching the trainings and utilizing all the healing resources so you can set yourself up for success?
If accepted into Health is Hot Club, are you realistically at a place where you can financially invest in a program that will help you completely change your life and give you your health back?
Be on the lookout for a DM from Tiffany in the next 24 hours to discuss if the program is a good fit for you. If it is, you'll be invited to join the Health is Hot Club community.
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