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Health is Hot Club

An interactive healing community designed to give you the tools to heal your body naturally and become your own health advocate so you can thrive in your health journey

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Maybe you've been...

trying to eat healthier, taking some supplements, and researching everything online (Tiktok University iykyk), but you keep falling off track and know that support, guidance, and community is what you've been missing in your health journey

You're ready to take the power of your health back into your own hands so you can finally live a life free from unwanted symptoms and unhealthy habits, and become empowered to be your own wellness advocate and holistic healer

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The conventional approach is out, holistic healing is in

It's estimated that 133 million Americans are dealing with at least 1 chronic health symptom. The food that we eat, the lifestyle we live, and the environmental factors we're exposed to, impact our health. Sadly, conventional healthcare doesn't look at the patient holistic, and modern medicine focuses on treating the symptom, rather than healing the person. There are so many factors that come into play when healing your body and it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Health is Hot Club focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues, nurturing the whole person, and promoting a balanced and preventative lifestyle, all while understanding that each journey is unique and different, allowing for bio-individuality

I know you're SO READY for:

Dinners with friends and not blowing up like a balloon because you're so bloated

Periods that are short, light, and pain-free because your hormones are balanced

No longer having to spend hours at the doctors office, trying to get answers to your health problems

The day where your anxiety no longer keeps you up at night, you feel like yourself again, and you're happier than ever

Waking up and feeling energized without having to reach for coffee in the mornings

No longer having to take multiple medications daily just to get by

Being around like-minded people who also care about their health and are excited to get healthier everyday

The real reason you've been stuck in your health journey is because
  • You haven't learned the root causes to your health issues, leaving healing almost impossible

  • You've been trying to do everything on your own, with no support, no community, and no guidance

  • Modern day living makes living unhealthy, tired, and medicated the "norm" with little to no empowerment or education on how to be healthier and heal your body naturally

  • You're being exposed to toxic chemicals and additives in your food, beauty products, and household items, and you haven't learned healthier options (yet!)

  • You're running on auto-pilot, feeling disconnected completely, and living in constant stress mode that you don't have the tools to fix

  • You've been taking a one-size-fits-all approach, while healing is not black or white

I went from sick, medicated, and surviving

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To happy, healed, and thriving


I wasn't always this happy and healthy

"HELP! What did you do to heal yourself?"

This is my most commonly asked question, and to be fully transparent, there isn't just ONE thing I did that allowed me to get my health back after suffering with several chronic health symptoms, being on 10+ medications, and not receiving any help from doctors. It really came down to the right mindset shifts, healing my inner child, regulating my nervous system, healing my gut, balancing my hormones, opening up my detox pathways, connecting to my intuition, swapping out toxic products, and prioritizing mindful movement, and that is exactly why I preach the importance of holistic health- mind, body, soul healing that focuses on every aspect of health, because everything in our body is connected 

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Health is Hot Club

Your healing space for the answers you've been searching for to finally heal your body, take the holistic approach with your life, and live preventatively, all while being a part of a community and feeling supported through your journey

With the Health is Hot Club, you will learn:
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Long-term, sustainable results that last

No more "quick fixes" that promise you results in x,y,z timeframe, the Health is Hot Club approach focuses on sustainable, long-term results. This is a full lifestyle commitment where you get what you put into it!

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To be an empowered consumer

Learn how to become your own health expert so you can become an empowered consumer, making informed health decisions based on the knowledge you've learned 

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Holistic healing tools

Apply healing tools to your life like the right healing foods, herbs, mindset tools, intentional movement, nervous system regulation, and non-toxic swaps, to support your body through your health journey, all in an easy-to-digest and understand way

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Be a part of a community

The power is community is everything when you're going through a health journey. Being able to have that connection with like-minded people and get the support you need as you're navigating big changes, is what will be the difference maker in actually changing your life long-term

It 's time to  get healthy


Health is Hot Club is for you if:

You're excited to learn how to lead a holistic lifestyle so you can heal your unwanted symptoms for good

You thrive in an environment where you can ask questions and receive support so you don't feel alone in your journey

You're ready to start eating healthier and having recipes to follow would make it more fun and achievable 

You're done trying to do everything on your own because what you've been doing hasn't been working

You want to learn how to be your own health advocate so you can stop relying on a broken system to "heal" you

You're ready to stop spending days at the doctors, being thrown pills that make you feel worse. You're looking for a REAL change

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What exactly is inside the Health is Hot CLub membership?

Glad you asked. Here is what you get.

All your questions answered in one place

FAQ Page

A FAQ page full of my most commonly asked questions on health topics, with new answers added weekly

  • "What supplements do you take?"

  • "Where do you find your healthy recipes?"

  • "What your favorite non-toxic beauty products?"

Interactive, customized support and coaching

Live Calls

2 live Q + A style calls every month hosted directly in the group for hot seat coaching, the ability to receive customized support, and interact with the community

  • Receive personalized guidance in real time for immediate feedback and accountability

  • Community building for other members to connect and build connections

  • Stay accountable with regular check-ins

Continued learning and education

Video Library

Access a healing library full of mini courses and video lessons on various health topics with 1 new video added every 2 weeks

  • Topics include: how to connect with nature to heal, using food as medicine, soul-healing books, tv shows, movies, and music to bring in, healing from anxiety naturally and regulating your nervous system for less stress and more happiness, calming techniques to manage stress, hormone balancing tips, healing your gut natually, and so much more!

Collaboration and connection

Community Chat

A chat with the entire community where every member will have access to and I will be in several days a week

  • Receive real-time support for quick answers and questions

  • Connect with other like-minded members to build relationships and bounce ideas off of each other

  • Discussions that will inspire the creation of new content for the community

  • Feel supported through your journey where you never feel alone

Exclusive content 

Blog Posts

Access to premium "social media" style blog posts diving deeper into exclusive recipes, additional healing tools, and continued wellness recommendations, updated weekly

  • No more asking "can I have the recipe?!" when I post my dinners, now you'll have access to them right in one place

  • Educated posts on topics like: my weekly grocery lists, ingredient label reading, what parasite cleanse or heavy metal detox I'm thinking about doing, and so much more!

What happens when I enroll?

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Enroll now and complete sign up

You'll create a log-in at checkout that you'll use to access the membership.

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Receive email confirmation

This includes a welcome message and log-in instructions. Keep your log-in information handy!

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Get immediate access

Your health journey officially starts! Follow the instructions inside the community to make the most of your membership and make sure you download the Circle app!

Here is a full list of what you get as soon as you enroll in Health is Hot Club:

An interactive, healing community full of unlimited support, guidance, and coaching from day 1

A private Pinterest group of over healthy 100 recipes to kickstart your journey

A library of mini courses to start implementing the knowledge right away

In depth healing tools to finally take your health back instead of using bandaid approaches that make you feel worse

The ability to ask questions and receive real-time answers from me personally

 A space that will allow you to grow into the happiest and healthiest verison of yourself 

I am so ready for this!

It's time to get HEALTHY!

$29/ month for early bird pricing until 2/26

*Cancel anytime, no questions asked, even though you probably won't want to ;)*

Sign me up!
  • What's the catch?
    There is no catch! You get access to the Health is Hot Club for $29/month and you can cancel anytime (although you probably won't want to 😉).
  • Can I interact with other members?
    YES! The foundation of Health is Hot Club is built on community. Something that is missing is the health and wellness space is an interactive space for like-minded people to connect, and that is exactly why this membership is designed this way. Daily interaction is HIGHLY encouraged to take advantage of this health space
  • Will I be able to request content ideas for the community?
    Absolutely! In the community chat and during live Q + A calls, as a member, you'll be able to request new content ideas that you feel would be helpful for the community
  • What if I need 1:1 support?
    The live Q + A calls twice a month will offer customized coaching and 1:1 support from me, however, if you want to work with me privately, there will be upgrade options available to Health is Hot members only inside the community
  • Can I access the community on my phone or through an app?
    Health is Hot club can be accessed by computer, phone, or through the Circle app. The app is my recommended way to access the community and it's very user friendly and easy to navigate
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